cristi creegan

Vision for the Future

Vision for the Future

My goal is to strike a balance that uses all of the incredible assets that make South Lake Tahoe so special.

What program and policies will balance the needs of those of us who live here, the increasing number of new residents and our visitors?

What management tools can ensure that our community remains livable and economically viable into the future?

How can the City Council collaborate effectively to progress toward our regional goals?

How do we balance protecting our environment with the needs of our locals?

Answers to these questions must be thoughtful, strategic and creative. I am prepared to lead us there.

I support:

COLLABORATION with the agencies and jurisdictions working within the Tahoe Basin to most effectively manage its unmatched beauty and natural assets.

SOLUTIONS based on thoughtful analysis of good data that find ways to successfully resolve challenges.

A SENSE OF PLACE for our community that defines for both locals and visitors our values of sustainably balancing environmental, economic, and human needs with respect and understanding.

HOUSING OPTIONS, as outlined in the City’s Housing Action Plan, that acknowledge the various needs of our residents, including increased density in hubs, accessory dwelling units where appropriate and deeded workforce housing.

WALKABLE BUSINESS DISTRICTS that promote locally-owned businesses, fewer and slower cars, the health benefits of walking and a sense of ownership in the neighborhoods.

TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES that rely less on cars and implement a comprehensive plan that includes a basin entry fee, reserved fee parking at key sites and alternative public vehicles.

AFFORDABLE BROADBAND for all. This is a 21st century essential.

PUBLIC SAFETY including continued funding for first responders, the creation of evacuation plans and an upgrade to the agencies’ communication systems. The Al Tahoe neighborhood’s Firewise community effort is a model for every neighborhod.

cristi creegan

I’d be honored to have your support!

I welcome your ideas and am always available to hear your concerns and the issues that matter to you. You can reach me at: