Endorsements for Cristi Creegan

Cristi’s campaign is supported by the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce (Tahoe Chamber), the South Lake Tahoe Democratic Club and the El Dorado County Democratic Party.

“I have worked closely with Cristi both at TPNS and as board members of Live Violence Free. To both of these organizations she brought compassion, hard work and an ability to look at all sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion. When she commits to an organization she gives it her all.”

Aileen YuréRetired director, Tahoe Parents Nursery School and former member, Board of Directors, Live Violence Free

“I have known Cristi for over 10 years, since we worked together on the Live Violence Free board of directors. She is incredibly bright, trustworthy, and collaborative. Cristi understands how to work with a team and will put in the effort to understand problems from multiple perspectives.”

Dr. Marissa Muscat

“Cristi is a dedicated volunteer in our schools. She has worked in my classroom and I can always trust her to complete tasks the right way, efficiently, and fairly. Cristi cares about our community and our kids!”

Denise LehmanTeacher, Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School

“Cristi and I have worked together in various professional capacities over the years and I have always relied on her strategic thinking and ability to make things happen behind the scenes. She's truly a driven public servant, working to do her best for others.”

Joel DameralLifelong community involved citizen

“I'm proud to support Cristi's candidacy for city council. During our time working together on the Board for Live Violence Free, she has shown her thoughtful and purposeful commitment to the South Lake Tahoe community. She takes the time to listen, ask questions, and problem solve in a diplomatic and straightforward manner. She will be a great addition to the city council.”

Kathleen BrownLive Violence Free board member and CPA, Tahoe Tax and Accounting Services

“I have known Cristi Creegan for a number of years through her many hours of volunteer work as the President and Board member of Live Violence Free. Her signature leadership style is a collaborative, comprehensive and thoughtful approach, whether she is finding solutions to a business related situation or reaching her goal when fundraising. She is a reliable, committed and innovative community member who is invested in Tahoe. Cristi will guide Tahoe to new possibilities and solutions for its (best?) future.”

Jane Flavinformer Executive Director, Live Violence Free

“When my husband Jared and I were considering buying Aloha Ice Cream and Dessert Spa, Cristi sat down with us and went over everything. Her guidance is always well-reasoned and thoughtful, and I admire her attention to detail. She really supported us in coming to a successful decision about the business.”

Lorena Espejo Benvenuto

Ann Rasmussen
Ann Abel
Wendy David
Marcia Sarosik
Jason Collin
John Friedrich
Ken Wood
Annemarie Dickert
Melody Levitt
Jean Bergner
Jamie Orr
Marc Ryan
Mandi Weavil
David R Orr
Therese Colwell
Alice Jones
Patricia Sussman
Loree Eliot
Jude Markward
Mark W Williams
Devin Middlebrook
Mollie Hurt
Nancy Davey
Julie Snyder
Steven D. Leman MD
Linda Mendizabal
Meg Peart
Jeanne Benin
Megan Waskiewicz
Gianna Leavers
Kelly Smith Cassidy
Andi Perry
Matt Wong
Angela Swanson

Corey Rich
Sarah Underhill
Ben Fish
Carl Ribaudo
Ruth Rich
Karen Fink
Shannan Birkholm
Jenny Hatch
Jane Flavin
Jane Veit
Jenny Butterfass
Beth Holm
Nicole Bergner
Denise Lehman
Matt Jensen
Katie Riley
Dan Keenan
Kris Keesling
Sara Anderson
Colleen Klym
Ben Damman
Steve Ardagh
Aimee Rice
Jen Bronken
Tim Durkin
Gavin Feiger
Jessica Albee
John McLaughlin
Manuel Agbigay
Armando Regala
Nancy Regala
Jose Lopez
Jessica Lopez

Gina De Loia
Christian Waskiewicz
Kelley Kelso
Frank Muscat
Mario Guerrero
Jaycee Macias
Julie Molesworth
Brian Veit
Kristie Nauman
Rebecca Baer
Kathy Haven
Karen Goldberg
Martin Goldberg
Kileigh Labrado
DJ Bickert
Kim Carr
Heather Anderson
Caroline Stutzman
Bernadette Santana
Michael De Loia
Shane Romsos
Angela Weitzel
Paul Neilsen
Erica Munoz
Dorian Fougeres
Elizabeth Durkin
Bob Mendizabal
Jerusha Agbigay
Janice Lopez
Christopher Valentines
Josefa Lopez
Jenny Domingo
Mely Sacdalan