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cristi creegan
cristi creegan

Today I'm Thinking About . . .

Today I’m thinking about . . . voting. I turned 18 in 1987; my first voting opportunity was the 1988 Presidential election, in which the nation’s choice was George HW Bush or Michael Dukakis, and turned out to be the last election in which California went to the Republican nominee. In 1992, I really liked primary candidate Bill Bradley. I could go on and on about voting memories, but the point is: we all need to vote. Here’s the link to confirm your residence so your mail-in ballot will get to you: Make your voice heard!

Invested • Solution-oriented • Inclusive 

Why I’m Running

I am running for City Council because this community deserves an invested, solution-oriented, inclusive leader who will seek to increase the level of collaboration and reduce the amount of vitriol present in our community. I have worked to serve the interests of women and families as well as promote small businesses to maintain a prosperous community. My efforts over these past 23 years demonstrate my deep love for this place we are fortunate to call home.

Thoughtful Leadership for a Sustainable Future in South Lake Tahoe

My goal is to strike a balance that uses all of the incredible assets that make South Lake Tahoe so special.

What program and policies will balance the needs of those of us who live here, the increasing number of new residents and our visitors?

What management tools can ensure that our community remains livable and economically viable into the future?

How can the City Council collaborate effectively to progress toward our regional goals?

How do we balance protecting our environment with the needs of our locals?

Answers to these questions must be thoughtful, strategic and creative. I am prepared to lead us there.